Four Fantastic Money-Making Opportunities
home based business Kiosk Salon International
Flexible hours, unlimited earning potential and products which virtually sell themselves!

Be a part of this nation-wide phenomenon, selling nationally known and advertised brands in a busy mall.
Salon and boutique owners can now sell prestige cosmetics to dramatically increase their profits while building store traffic.
We offer international wholesale pricing, training and marketing support for prestige cosmetic brands.
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Flori Roberts, Interface, Patti LaBelle


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Targeted Cosmetic Brands Fuel Astonishing Successes
Six well known cosmetic brands, popularized by their nationwide department store successes, are now available for you as Home-Based Direct Sales Beauty Consultants, Mall Kiosk Owners, Salon and Boutique Owners and International Entrepreneurs. As the brands are so well known and highly regarded, they sell themselves. Color Me Beautiful is based on the international best selling books by the same name. Color Me Beautiful will ensure the perfect make-up colors for your customers. Flori Roberts is the undisputed best makeups for skin of color.

The Adrien Arpel, Gale Hayman, Color Me Beautiful and Flori Roberts skin care products embody the newest and most effective skin care technologies available anywhere.

The Adrien Arpel and Gale Hayman anti-aging products will make you look younger immediately. Clinically proven to reduce wrinkle depth in less than 30 days.

And, for skin of color, Flori Roberts just launched a breakthrough skin care regime that naturally evens out skin tone, fades discolorations and brightens the skin.

Fabulous classic fragrances including Interlude (a favorite of Jackie O), Patti Labelle's Signature and Girlfriend (created by the Rhythm and Blues Diva herself), Adriessance (created by Adrien Arpel), Gale (created by Gale Hayman) and Ashanti (inspired by an African tribe)


"Great adventure. I've just earned my first $4,000 commission and have only been in CMB 5 months. What a great opportunity."

Cecilia Flowers, Beauty Consultant


"Opening a business was new to us. However, we always wanted to do something like this. Thankfully, Color Me Beautiful is there every step of the way. We had a team help us with our launch and have had ongoing on-site visits ever since. Our nationally-known cosmetic brands are the best available anywhere. In our first month, we sold $20,000!"

Becky Davidson, Linda Springs, Kiosk Owners


"As a salon owner, I've increased my income by more than 100% and doubled my salon's clientele. The products sell themselves. "

Jane Michaels , Salon Owner


"I offer superior skin care products with the Adrien Arpel, Gale Hayman and Color Me Beautiful brands. The results are remarkable."

JoAnne Richmond, Beauty Consultant


"I never thought a $149 investment could propel me as fast as this ground floor opportunity. I've already earned over $8,000 in commissions! The Flori Roberts, LaBelle and Interface products are awesome. These popular brands are developed specifically for women of color. "

Suzzanne Roberts, Beauty Consultant


"The first day I sold over $600 and that was before I could get everything out of the boxes. Right then I said, 'Whoa, this is going to work!' I recommend this to anyone who wants to be in business for herself. You can make $60,000 to $120,000 a year from just one kiosk."

Lillie-Boyd Jarrett , Kiosk Owner


"I take advantage of the At Your Servic program which means I don't have to carry inventory. No muss. No fuss. The company ships products directly to my clients and I earn 40% commissions - sometimes $2,000 a month. It's an easy way for me to do business."

Barbara Kemp, Beauty Consultant


"I distribute the Flori Roberts and Patti LaBelle products to salons and beauty supply shops throughout eastern Canada. My customers can't keep the products on their shelves. In just three years, I've build a $2 million wholesale business."

Lynne McCurdy, International Distributor


Start Earning Now... selling high profile cosmetic beauty labels including Color Me Beautiful, Patti LaBelle, Adrien Arpel, Flori Roberts, Gale Hayman and Interface. This is an extremely lucrative opportunity

If you've been thinking of taking that next step to becoming your own boss or already have a beauty business you would like to grow, you've found the perfect place to start.

Consider the following options:

Home-Based Consultant 

This is a ground-floor opportunity to sell well established national brands. Earn excellent income, and have the ability to make your own hours.

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Home-Based Business

Mall Kiosk Owner 

Open a cosmetic kiosk in a mall with a turn-key system. We pay a portion of the start-up costs for any qualified applicant and provide training.

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Kiosk Ownership

Hair Salon Owner 

For those already a salon owner and looking to increase profits and draw new clients. Start to carry our well known brands to increase sales.

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Salon Owners

International Distributor 

If you have a distribution network, add our selection of well known brands.

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